We’ve now changed gear, and taken our love of coffee even further, by creating our own in store micro-roastery; a unique way of ensuring the most important part of our business is ours.

Being micro-roasters means the roasting magic happens in carefully controlled small batches, using a fluid-bed profile roaster. Maintaining that freshness and quality we want, not only for fueling our caffeine needs but yours as well, for home or office. Each small batch is roasted to perfection, always fresh and on point, always available to take some home. We’ll even tailor the roast date to suit when you are going to be using the coffee, as we are roasting on a daily basis.



Our awesome ‘Premier Workshop' or 'Decaf' blends are always available to purchase from the Espresso bar to take home, or you can choose from our growing range of single origin green beans or blends that we can roast to order, just for you.

Our main serving in the Espresso bar is our ‘Premier Workshop’ blend, and we think this makes an awesome coffee using either espresso or soft brewing methods (such as the plunger for home). It’s been developed specifically with origins from Central and South American regions, providing a medium bodied coffee with a smooth, clean finish. 


Fresh is best

We recommend you purchase your roasted beans 'a little at a time' and 'often' and yes, we can grind whole beans for your preferred brew method at home.

Our 'Decaf' Blend also packs a punch in the taste department. The environmentally friendly Swiss Water Process ® is used to remove the caffeine, meaning that the coffee will retain it’s full flavour.




To make sure that you aren't missing out on flavour even if you don't want the caffeine kick, we offer a lively blend of up to five different origins from Indonesia, Central and South America and Africa. Bold and smooth.

Contact us or come in to the Espresso bar to discuss options for purchasing the best small-batch roasted coffee in town.