Single origins for a change

We love  roasting Single Origins too. They are carefully picked to make a mark on your palate, and we change our fresh roasted single origin for serving in the Espresso Bar, on a regular basis. Keep an eye  on the current offer in the bean hopper on the counter. Ask us and we'll recommend you to try it as a long or short black or a small milk drink if that works for you.


Roasters Table

You'll find our current selection of green beans here waiting for you to place an order of 'on demand roasting', just for you. Make your choice based on our advice to suit your brew method.


Take the plunge

Check in with us on a regular basis as we offer an informal session showing how to make the most of your home plunger. You'll get to try a few different single origins as well, so you can choose something to take home.

Current SINGLE origins available: 

  • Ethiopia: Yirgacheffe Region (washed process)

  • Ethiopia: Sidamo Region (washed process)

  • Tanzania: Mbinga Region in the South (fully washed process)

  • Guatemala: Huehuetenango Region (wet process, sun-dried)

  • Nicaragua Jumbo Bourbon: Matagalpa/Jinotega Regions (handpicked, washed process)

  • Brazil: Cerrado Region (natural process)

  • Brazil: Ipanema microlots C44 and C38

  • Mexico: Chiapas Region (full-wash process, sun dried)

  • Papua New Guinea: Waghi Region, Sigri Estate

  • Papua New Guinea: Peaberry, Sigri Estate (wash process, sun dried)

  • Timor FT Organic: Leste Cooperative Cafe Timor

  • Costa Rica: Tarrazu Region (wet processed and seasonal honey processed)

  • Nicaragua FT Organic: 25 de Marzo Cooperative (wash process, sun dried)

  • Indonesia Sumatra FT Organic: (semi-wash process, wet hulled)

  • Columbia Supremo: Medellin Region (full-wash process, natural sun dried)

  • Columbia Popayan: Cauca Region (washed and fermented, then sun-dried)

Prices vary according to origin or microlot; 

Range from $11-$14 for 250gm bags. Check out our subscription options or contact us to purchase direct.

Mix and Match ‘Nano-Roasts’-select three single origins and we will roast you a 100 gm batch of each to take home as a taster pack.