We have approximately 15 single origins available in the espresso at any one time. These can be ordered as micro-roasted coffee for take-home purchase, or as green bean options for the hardy home-roasters. Read on for some tips about the origins and what ones may suit your preferred brew methods.

Brazil Ipanema Micro-lots

From one of the largest producer groups in Brazil, these specialty micro-lots are selectively hand picked from the Serra da Mantiqueira-Fazenda Rio Verde region, surrounded by forests and grown at a minimum of 1000 metres above sea level. We have two available currently, both pulped natural processed, #C38 Citric Apple (a sweet, round flavour ) and #C44 Vanilla (a sweet, chocolate taste profile. These are both great for soft brewing methods (chemex, filter, plunger).

Columbia- Supremo

This full washed origin is from the Medellin region, with a larger screen size of 17-18. The aroma hints of slight sweet fermentation leaving a medium bodied, clean, spicy and fruity cocoa taste. Suits most brew methods but more commonly found in a blend.

Timor Leste-FTO

This origin is from the ‘Cooperativa Cafe Timor’, a cooperative of over 400 small scale farmers producing Fair Trade Organic coffee from the Maubisse region. You’ll taste a mixture of lemon, prune, malty and nutty flavours, smelling a bit like Toffee. Certainly an experience and brings back lots of memories for our Defense Force customers who served in Timor…

Ethiopia -Yirgacheffe

This origin is a Grade 2 washed coffee, grown at 1900 m above sea level. The flavour is clean and has notes of citrus and chocolate. The smell is divinely floral and you know this is a good balanced coffee. Our pick for black espresso drinks, plunger and stove top.

Guatamala -Huehuetenago

This origin is a SHB coffee, (strictly hard bean) meaning another dense, high altitude coffee, wet processed and sun dried. A sweet smelling bean, with a complex, winey flavour profile. Another favorite for the plunger or espresso and you’ll get away with a milk-base as well. Our best selling single origin. P.S it’s pronounced ‘way-way tenango’.

Costa Rica -Tarrazu

Another SHB coffee grown at slightly lower altitude (1500-1700 meters above sea level). Wet processing produces a sweeter and fuller bodied coffee. Flavour wise- you’ll find rich, nutty and chocolate notes. A great all-rounder for all brew types.

Mexico- Chiapas

Coffee from this coastal region grows particularly well. We like it as it suits all brew types. It’s our favorite for the filter brew. Strictly grown above 1400 meters above sea level, this one is medium bodied with a sweet, delicate smell and light nutty notes hinting of tea biscuits arising from the full wash, sun dried process.

Nicaragua- Jumbo Bourbon

This origin is a bit different, a hybrid grown in the mountainous Matagalpa and Jinotega regions. It’s hand-picked and washed before sun-drying. A zesty, spicy taste that is perfect for soft brews, rather than espresso drinking.

Papua New Guinea-Sigri Estate

The Sigri Estate Grade B beans originate from in the Waghi Valley, in the Highlands. The flavour profile tempts you with a clean, sweet, herbal taste. Smelling like a floral bouquet we find this medium body makes a great long black or filter coffee. Washed and sun dried, and grown above 1600 meters above sea level. we also recommend trying the PNG ‘peaberry’ as a soft brew. The term ‘peaberry’ means that the coffee cherries only have one single rounded bean.

Nicaragua FTO

Another one of our Fair Trade Organic (FTO) cooperative origins, from the San Juan del Rio Coco region. This one is a good all-rounder , making it a good option for home-roasters. A medium bodied, washed process, with a clean, nutty chocolate taste (maybe slightly citrus if you roast light).

Indonesia Sumatra FTO

This FTO origin is from the Koperasi Buana Mandri cooperative in the province of Aceh, grown at 1200-1600 metres above sea-level. Another all-rounder for all brew methods, maybe consider this as a home- roast option for your own blend. Using a semi-washed process, the taste is “cherry, dark chocolate, caramel” with good body. You’ll have to try it sometime.